Up in the AIR

Up in the AIR

So often many of us are inspired by the creativity, innovation and shear grit of those around us. Vincent Laforet, one of our G-TEAM Ambassadors, is certainly one who not only exudes those qualities, but also has that innate ability to share his talents with others.

As a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, he definitely has the credo in the photography field. As a three-time winner of the prestigious Cannes Lions for his commercial and directing works, he has continued to hone his craft and build on that street cred. He has produced a number of films, commercials and creative projects, garnering awards all around the world. He continues to work with great clients (especially us), created some amazing content, and always continues to push the envelope.

His most notable adventure of 2015 is Laforet AIR, which finds him hanging out of helicopters thousands of feet above some of the most iconic cities around the globe. How did this happen?

While on assignment for Men’s Health, Vincent convinced the managing editor that images of New York taken at night, far above the city, would make a great accompaniment to an article on the brain. “I told him it would look like brain pathways; like a computer chip,” noted Laforet. “It took me some time to convince him. They kept pushing for different creative, but it wasn’t interesting to me. I even said ‘no’ at one point. But finally, he acquiesced.”

Perseverance paid off. Although the images were published in the magazine, they didn’t get real notice until he posted them online earlier this year. “I wrote a blog, went to bed and the next morning … who knew?” They went crazy viral, earning more than 20 million views online, on TV and in print over the next few weeks.

True to his creative form, shear grit then took over. He knew there was more to this project. He knew he could take it to an entirely new level, but he had to act fast before copy cats emerged.

Within weeks, he planned similar flights above Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. He released these cities, systematically online with equal acclaim and reach. Then he went to Europe—flying high above London, Berlin and Barcelona. Paris, his hometown, however was elusive. Soon after, he made his way to Australia to shoot Sydney, and then circled back to the U.S. to cap off the 2015 Laforet AIR tour over Miami.

So where does G-Technology fit in? Why are we blogging about this?

Vincent’s requirements for storage and the unique workflow he established for Laforet AIR is like no other. How does one manage the 500-750GB of storage and more than 10,000 images taken over each city in an expensive shoot?

Very carefully.

We partnered with Vincent to tell his AIR story above the cities and behind the scenes.

We could tell you the story. But it’s better if you see it for yourself—and hear it from Vincent, as he actually lived it.

Curiosity piqued? Learn more about how G-Technology has gone up with Laforet AIR. And check out AIR, the book. (Now shipping)

Follow us as we continue to support compelling initiatives like Laforet AIR, Red Bull Illume and other amazing creative adventures our highly creative G-TEAM Ambassadors continually embark upon.

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