Tyres and Wires – On the Road with Flight of the Swans

Tyres and Wires – On the Road with Flight of the Swans

Steve Flanagan, one of the many volunteers on the Flight of the Swans project, was tasked with producing and post-producing multimedia content, while on the road from northern Russia to the UK. Here he talks through his workflow, and how G-Technology has helped him along the way.

“I’ve been tasked with producing and post producing multimedia content while on the road with the Flight of the Swans project.

“By far the most challenging aspect of my role has been managing multiple data streams and getting through the postproduction of raw time-lapse sequences and 360 video stock while traveling thousands of kilometres in multiple vehicles.

“The time lapse kit includes a DSLR with a selection of wide and tight lenses. Favourites/go-to glass for this trip include the 16-35mm, 24-105mm and 70-200mm lenses.

“For the 360 video kit we’ve got a six and a seven camera action camera rig. One rig with outdoor housing for the active shoots and one without for the static and ‘less likely to take serious impact’ scenes.

“Once we’ve traveled to a location and identified a place to shoot, the camera rigs can then be attached to an aircraft and they’re on route to the next waypoint. Then its time to chase the fly team to retrieve the rigs. That’s when the real fun starts.

“Six or seven streams of footage now need to be ingested and backed up. I bring them onto the hard drives via my laptop and my stitching software which renames the action camera video streams and merges successive clips together. These media streams are then stitched and exported as large format 360 videos.

“The process is quite time intensive so having a portable hard drive solution with enough space and fast enough connections have been vital to my workflow.

“I have been using G-Technology’s G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt 3TB drives and G-DRIVE ev ATC portable rugged drives. So, in a 25cm2 shoulder bag I’ve managed to carry 14TB of media, which has really helped manage a tricky postproduction workflow.

“The drives have been packed and unpacked countless times and have been taken from one temperature extreme to another. When left in the vehicles they would get a little nippy and then, particularly in the far north of Russia, brought into extraordinarily warm accommodation, set up and asked to chew through a ton of media, all to my great relief, without incident!

“They’ve proved to be a really reliable bit of kit and have helped to create a really tidy mobile studio set up.”

Read more about the epic Flight of the Swans here: flightoftheswans.org

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Tyres and Wires – On the Road with Flight of the Swans