The Minimalist Shoot: The art of downsizing for exotic destinations

The Minimalist Shoot: The art of downsizing for exotic destinations

During the month of November this past year, I was able to take a trip of a lifetime, traveling to exotic places in Southeast Asia and Africa. My trip began by visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a place on my bucket list since my early teens. It was more magnificent than I ever imagined. I found beauty and inspiration at every corner. From the ancient ruins to exotic new flavors, and smiles from the local people, all of these were things that brought energy and inspiration to my creativity. Every morning we awoke at sunrise to watch the light bring the ruins to life and photograph the rich colors of the morning around us. My friends and I traveled in Cambodia, then to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, before finishing the day exploring the city of Bangkok.

In just 10 days, we crammed in so much adventure it is hard to even imagine looking back. We bathed elephants, rode gliders over rice paddies, rode a boat to a rural village of fishermen, visited ancient ruins and explored gorgeous working temples. This amazing adventure, however, was just the start of my trip. I then proceeded to stay with my family in South Africa for more than two weeks, exploring several breath-taking countries. Whether it was enjoying the beautiful coastline, embracing the local wildlife, or immersing ourselves in common cultures and adventures, this trip was filled with constant excitement.

All the while we traveled, I was photographing and recording our adventures, and I wanted to ensure I could preserve these memories forever, and then share them with friends and family. Because of the schedule and length of my trip, I was only able to carry a single large backpack for the entire journey. All of my clothes, all of my camera gear, everything I needed had to fit into one large bag for trekking.

For this reason, I made very strategic gear choices. I wanted to be able to edit, share and backup my photographs along the way. For this type of journey, my backpack and usual laptop weren’t a solution. I needed something more compact and durable. For this reason, I used a Surface Pro 3 and a G-Technology G-Drive ev ATC with the included All-Terrain Case. Together I could have light-weight and compact solutions that allowed me all of the power of a laptop and security of backing up my files. For camera gear, I selected two bodies (one as a backup) and two lenses. I brought a Canon 5Ds (50 megapixels) and Canon 5D III. I chose a Canon 16-35mm lens (for wide and landscape shots) and a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 lens with 2X converted (for wildlife).

All of this gear allowed me to stay on the road for a month, in varying climates and with photographic needs. Along the way, I not only backed up my images but shared them through social media. The trip was literally an around-the-world adventure that made quite the wrap up to a great 2015!

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The Minimalist Shoot: The art of downsizing for exotic destinations