Spit, Storage and Keeping My Small Business Afloat

Spit, Storage and Keeping My Small Business Afloat

One of the most common questions I receive about being a filmmaker for surf sports is how I get such clear images. After all, I’m in the water, out among the waves with the athletes I’m shooting. Underwater housing or not, my lens should be covered in drops and spray, right? So why do the images look bone dry and super crisp?

One solution is “spit” or saliva via licking the lens port on my water housing. The object of the game is to get water to bead off the lens, and, believe it or not, spit works wonders. Just smear it around, dunk the housing, let the water run off, and there you go. Alternatively, the juice from a potato also works great, although results can vary depending on what lens you’re using and perfecting the different techniques is a bit of trial and error.

When you’re filmmaking, it’s a constant process of weighing factors. Am I willing to get sucked over a wave to get the shot? You want to be out there, in the moment, in the zone, but you can never lose track of safety and what’s most important: getting the job done and protecting yourself.

This is why I picked G-Technology storage for my work, even before becoming a G-TEAM member. The speed of the drives is great, but reliability always comes first. There are a couple of other big brands that compete with G-Technology. I’ve used them and had multiple failures with both. One time, about five years ago, I had a drive go down, and I lost everything. That was when I switched to G-Technology. I’ve never had one G-DRIVE of any kind go bad, which is pretty amazing.

In fact, getting on the G-TEAM was my idea. I loved the products so much that I wanted to get closer to the company and leverage its skills and wisdom. I approached them right about the time I won the REDirect Surf Award, which was an invitation-only contest and probably helped my odds of getting noticed. But my strategy was a lot like how I do filmmaking: What’s the critical spot to be in? How do I get there and stay there?

Fast, dependable storage is essential throughout my workflow. Really, storage is the unsung hero in production. It’s just as valuable as having a great camera. Particularly in my case, solutions with high speed, large capacity, easy operation, reliability, and mobility are essential. If my pockets were a lot deeper, I could hire a tech outfit to build me a storage system tailored for my exact needs, but I’m not Fortune 500. I’m just a solo business guy trying to build something awesome with modest resources, and G-Technology comes closer than anyone to hitting every point on my Storage Solution Dream List.

I love that I could pick up the phone and ask G-Technology for guidance. They were happy to serve as my business partner and guide me through getting the right solutions for my needs. The fact that those solutions are simple enough to use without a manual is just icing on the cake…or maybe spit on a lens.

To learn more about Aaron and his work, visit www.g-technology.com/aaronlieber


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Spit, Storage and Keeping My Small Business Afloat