The Journey to the Hang Son Doong Cave

The Journey to the Hang Son Doong Cave

One professional photographer captures the story of the world’s largest caves in Vietnam and shares how he managed to capture, store, and offload high quality footage using G-DRIVE hard drives.

Having established himself in the ad agency world, Gregg Jaden has worked with some of the top brands sharing stories through his photography. With an extensive client list that includes companies such as PetaPixel, Global Citizen, and Discover LA, to name a few, he has built a large portfolio of experience under his belt.

On a recent expedition to Hang Son Doong Cave in Vietnam, Gregg decided to capture the story of the world’s largest caves and relied on the support of the G-Technology as his go-to back up storage solution. Read more of his journey and the workflow process he used with G-DRIVE to share the story:

Hang Son Doong Cave Vietnam Garden of Edam one of our team stands up top of the massive stalagmite looking rocks to show scale

Inside Han En Cave on route to Hang Son Doong Cave Vietnam is a stopover after 12km jungle trek through rivers and mountain ranges. Down below is our camp at night time where we offload data.

Capturing the Hang Son Doong Cave

“As part of my workflow I needed a solid solution that was rugged enough to handle 12km treks, rock climbing and extreme environments. I needed the drive space to do redundant backups while inside a cave or in my tent/campsite. Capturing images is one thing but when memory cards fail that is a whole other problem you never want to deal with.”

A river crossing above a waterfall in Hang Son Doong Cave Vietnam how we transport our rugged G-DRIVE ev ATC thunderbolt drives

Behind the scenes Inside Hang Son Doong Cave in the evening while offloading onto G-DRIVE ev ATC inside my tent

A look at our charge station inside the cave powered by generator and offloading to 2 G-DRIVE ev ATC Thunderbolt drives

As part of my workflow after each shoot or during the shoot I backup the data on to portable drives that can withstand the grit, moisture and shock of a cave environment. Rugged travel life means you are pretty much wet or dirty all day including your hands covered in some form of grit from rock bouldering. I needed a workflow solution that could solve the need to have immediate backups inside a cave or up a mountain and also have the ability to make redundant copies keeping client’s work safe until I return from an expedition.


A look at camp environment where we offload data every night onto our G-DRIVE ev ATC Thunderbolt drives

One of my “must haves” for any trip is the  G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt, a super rugged hard drive. I needed these all terrain drives with me as I journeyed through the Hang Son Doong Cave. The great part is that the G-DRIVE ev ATC hard drive stays protected while sealed inside the watertight, dust resistant shock proof case.


This cave alone is a lifesaver because I only need to plug in the Thunderbolt cable to offload my data. This avoids having a delicate hard drive exposed to extreme nature environments and possibly failing due to grit, water or dirt being exposed. I usually travel with at least 4 or these drives while making copies on each.  It is the worst feeling losing data that you shot and have no way to recover it other than a re-shoot. So I explicitly trust G-Technology hard drives because they truly help me become a better storyteller. And it’s re-assuring to know they go the extra mile in technology and reliability to have my back.


Behind the scenes: Hang Son Doong Cave Offloading onto G-DRIVE ev ATC Thunderbolt

For our team’s home base in Los Angeles we have a G SPEED Studio XL RAID 8-Bay Thunderbolt™ 2 Storage Solution. This is our “data control center” as we call it. It has 8 bays to add up to 60 TB of storage capacity for offloading. The real beauty of this solution is we can configure it how we want and replace or upgrade drives for any slot as needed. The biggest advantage is that we can offload wirelessly when we get back to base to our G SPEED Studio while making redundant RAID copies of the data. Our goal is to have a minimum of 5 copies of all data in case something becomes corrupt or we lose memory cards during our travels.

Any traveler knows memory cards are so small it is easy for them to go missing especially rushing through a TSA inspection! With G-Technology RAID, you can avoid a catastrophe like this altogether. With a transfer speed of Up to 1300MB/s this helps tremendously with our 4K and 6K footage due to larger file sizes.

Performance and reliability are vital to my success as a storyteller. I have utmost confidence in G-Technology as my workflow partner for any project size or location. Plus I’m happy to say that finally, there’s a solution to accommodate my field needs and grows with me as I grow.”

To learn more about Gregg Jaden and his photography stories visit his website.

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The Journey to the Hang Son Doong Cave