Illuminating the Path for Adventure Photographers

Illuminating the Path for Adventure Photographers

As the Marketing Manager for the photography vertical for G-Technology, I’m involved in a ton of really inspiring projects with our G-TEAM Ambassadors and other top photographers from around the world. But even with all the exciting things I’ve done in the last year, I can’t wait to embark on my next adventure: Red Bull Illume.

Known as the “Oscars of the photography world”, Red Bull Illume is the world’s premier international photography competition dedicated to action and adventure sports. Spanning a 3-year period, its purpose is to showcase the most exciting and creative Red Bull athletes in a series of qualifying sports while photographers capture the culture, lifestyle and immense energy surrounding those feats to give the public a glimpse into the world of action sports.

So, why is it called “Illume?”
With all photography, lighting is an important factor that always needs to be considered. But it’s not just about having an image illuminated properly, but also illuminating the photographers’ artistic skill and the athletes’ unique style. To further accentuate the illumination theme, once the winners have been unveiled, the 50 winning images are taken on an 18-month tour around the world as a unique and stand alone photo exhibition. With events being held only at night, the images are showcased on two-sided light boxes, exposing the true meaning of illumination.

And what does this mean for G-Technology?
As a recognized partner, G-Technology is given direct access to the Red Bull Illume community, adventure photographers, and to all photographers and other creative professionals alike. Participation in this internationally recognized competition ultimately enables us to:

  • Reinforce our position as a creative solutions provider among the global action and adventure sports photography community and those who follow it
  • Increase awareness that our premium external storage solutions are designed for all creative needs—from capture through archive
  • Educate and inspire those potentially interested in/looking for external storage

This is the first time G-Technology is participating in Red Bull Illume, so the excitement and possibilities aim to be “illuminating.” And even though we were not directly connected to the contest in the past, two of our G-TEAM Ambassadors— Lucas Gilman and Ray Demski—were. They were former category winners and are looking to enter again this term.

Follow us here, on and on our social channels to see how we’ll be activating and supporting Red Bull Illume over the coming months. We hope you find it as illuminating as we do.

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Illuminating the Path for Adventure Photographers