G-HISTORY: Coming Full Circle

G-HISTORY: Coming Full Circle

A garage. That’s where it all started. And I’m one of the last of the “garage employees.” Why am I telling you this? Well, the launch of G-BLOG had me reflecting on the path G-Technology has taken … particularly how far we’ve come. And that has been full circle.

I have a unique perspective, you see. I started my career at G-Technology in 2006 when the team was still working out of the proverbial garage in Santa Monica. This was a time where Inside Sales sat alongside the guys whose desks were covered with components as they designed and built drives. It was a time when we all pitched in, no matter the task. (I still remember being called in during the Christmas holiday one year to screw drives into enclosures so we could ship enough before the end of the year the hit our number.)

How some things have changed. (While others have not.)

In the “garage,” we had one product and the mantra “Performance, Style and Reliability” etched into our minds and on our wall. Nine years and three acquisitions later, while G-Technology is no longer physically located in a garage and is part of a much larger corporation, it still operates somewhat autonomously. In so doing, our start-up mentality has been preserved. And so have the words that continue to define us: “Performance, Style, and Reliability.”

At G-Technology, we’re acutely aware (to quote baseball great Babe Ruth) that “Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” In this Valley, we’ve seen entire tech companies become irrelevant and we’re not about to let that happen. We are encouraged to continually:

  • focus on our users and their varying needs
  • take a close look at the market
  • hustle to identify and develop new opportunities with our channel

We are, in fact, still very much a start-up—a start-up that is dedicated to growing its community.

So how are we doing this? With G-BLOG, among other things. We are harking back to our days in the garage where we had debates and open, collaborative discussions. Now we can do so in an open forum, where followers, evangelists, thought leaders, users and partners can join in—and enrich—the conversation. In a sense, we’ve come full circle. And we have our start-up mentality to thank.

Follow us to learn what we’re up to and get a glimpse into where we’re going. Share your comments, thoughts, opinions and insights.

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G-HISTORY: Coming Full Circle