FreeWheelin’ with Lucas Gilman and Red Bull

FreeWheelin’ with Lucas Gilman and Red Bull

From the frigid beaches of Iceland to the treacherous water falls in the rain forests of South America, renowned Adventure Photographer and G-TEAM Ambassador, Lucas Gilman traverses the globe capturing once in a lifetime images. As a former category winner of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, who better to educate and excite the community about the contest than he? We took Lucas and Red Bull athlete Corey Martinez out to Brooklyn, New York, for some fun.

Over a two-day period, we invited contest winners to an exclusive workshop hosted by Lucas and G-Technology where he would guide folks through his process of capturing “the” action shot. With Nikon cameras and Profoto lights on hand to help with the image creation, to the new G-DRIVE ev SSD 1 TB to back them all up, we had the workflow covered.

So where’s the action in Brooklyn? Well, as an experienced BMX biker and Red Bull athlete Corey definitely had that covered. Jumping curbs, skipping flights of stairs, riding rails and even jumping multiple benches. There was never a dull moment.

Here, take a look

Look fun? Well it was. But don’t feel left out. We intend to replicate these workshops throughout the next year, so follow us on social media to find out details.


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FreeWheelin’ with Lucas Gilman and Red Bull