Baking Storage into Filmmaking: A Recipe for Success

Baking Storage into Filmmaking: A Recipe for Success

It’s no secret that G-Technology solutions are designed for creative pros. And what each creative pro does can take different forms: photography, film-making, editing, production and more. The list is endless. And so is the need for storage—to shuttle, edit, distribute and back-up the creative pro’s very valuable content.

That’s why one of our primary goals is to understand the challenges filmmakers, namely Indie filmmakers, face in bringing their creative vision to the big screen. How have we gone about doing this? By partnering with Seed&Spark, an incredible crowdfunding and distribution platform, founded and run by Emily Best, an incredibly talented young actress, seasoned producer and savvy business woman.

Following Emily’s lead, we have attended, sponsored and participated in several key Indie film fests across the Nation. And we’ve learned so much. See, filmmakers would rather talk to her. (Frankly, who wouldn’t? She is not only bright and talented, she has a great knack for engaging people in spirited and enlightening conversation.) They relate to her and easily tell her what they won’t necessarily tell us. And by weaving G-Technology into the conversation, problems and potential solutions bubble to the surface. Ultimately, without storage, the show can’t go on.

So, in an effort to educate and inspire anyone who is creatively inclined, here are some of the common challenges many Indie filmmakers face. With luck, this “food for thought” will taste good enough to successfully fuel you through your next project:

  • Choose wisely. Camera choices will affect storage choices—both are driven by budget, so plan accordingly
  • Think before you act. Filmmakers rarely even think about editing and post-production, let alone archival, during pre-production planning and even filming phases
  • Consider which utensils you need. Many (like, lots of) different “hands” actually touch a film between shooting and distribution—and each of those “hands” has an entirely unique workflow: some use Macs; others use Windows
    • And just to be clear, the “hands” include editors of all kinds: visual effects, colorists, sound, music/composers, just to name a few
  • Recipe for success. Back it up! During production, many pros follow the 3-2-1 rule: 3 copies, 2 physical locations, work off 1

However difficult, daunting or tedious it may be, it’s also very important (er, critical) to outline storage needs and processes in initial planning. So whether you’ve baked it into your plan or not, consider sampling G-Technology storage gear (if you haven’t already). There are many flavors to choose from, all designed with creatives in mind. Eat up. And enjoy!

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Baking Storage into Filmmaking: A Recipe for Success